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We combine the talents of faculty, support staff, ESC senior fellows, and industry specialists to provide resource teams to companies in various technology areas. We are dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology and information systems and have a commitment to excellence in the application of operations research techniques, management science and analytics to enterprise problems. Our resource teams can evaluate the newest developments and facilitate the transfer of this knowledge to our project partners. This ‘extra pair of hands’- graduate and undergraduates doing projects on a specific enterprise problem- has often led to valuable, implementable solutions at reasonable cost to the company. In addition, students with skills in areas such as simulation or analytics can provide a company with supplementary personnel for specific research projects while gaining valuable ‘hands-on’ experience early in their careers. From one-on-one training done in the plant to enterprise-wide seminar programs, the Enterprise Systems Center is committed to the beneficial exchange of knowledge and information between the university and industrial communities. Working with businesses every day, we can easily identify those areas where further education is necessary and provide custom-tailored training programs. These contacts have a synergistic impact upon curriculum revision decisions so that Lehigh’s graduates are better prepared for what they will later encounter.

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