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Society objective

The National Society’s mission is to “build leaders who make a better world.” The Lehigh Chapter embodies this mission with its own purpose to motivate students to develop leadership skills and achieve desired goals that will cause them to increase their leadership influence and success.

Chapter Summary

The National Society of Leadership & Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, is a nationwide community that dramatically improves one's ability to successfully attain desired outcomes. Sigma Alpha Pi stands for success, action, and purpose. The society provides a curriculum to guide top-performing students through the process of identifying and committing to focused and dedicated actions that lead to their personal success and achievement of goals. Lehigh’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership & Success was established in 2007 to provide elite Lehigh students from all disciplines the opportunity to develop student leadership skills. It accomplishes this through networking groups, leadership training, goal setting meetings, and speaker series events. Through the course of a year students are taken through a leadership curriculum that includes:

  • Orientation Day – an event to introduce the society, discuss society benefits, inform students of the curriculum schedule, and provide a networking opportunity
  • Leadership Training Day – an event in which students are trained in leadership and success skills via an introspective and interactive training session in which students create a vision and action plan to achieve their goals and dreams
  • Speaker Events – the chapter hosts live speakers from top corporations and organizations as well as access to other live broadcasts through the society’s online portal – 3 events at minimum must be completed
  • Success Networking Meetings – students meet in groups for a minimum of 3 focused meetings for peer to peer leadership development to help set and achieve desired goals – 3 events at minimum must be completed
  • Induction – upon completion of these requirements there is a formal induction and awards ceremony which formally inducts students into the society

The Lehigh chapter provides students a place to interact with highly motivated peers and gain exposure to campus wide leadership opportunities and resources. There is a strong emphasis on student-run initiatives and accountability for personal development. National benefits from the society last a life-time and include:

  • Access to Live Speaker Broadcasts
  • International Network
  • Leadership Certification
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume Enhancement
  • Membership Items
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • Personal Success Coaching
  • Partner Discounts
  • Previous Broadcasts
  • Online Job Bank
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Training Materials
  • Online Success Collection

Chapter Achievements

Built a network of over  500 members.
Won 3 awards out of over 280 chapters nationwide:

  • Most Innovative Chapter Award 2011
    This award was achieved for innovative programs that included the introduction of compelling live speakers as well as company leadership projects that fostered leadership through experiential challenge.
  • On the Rise Award 2009
    This award was achieved for explosive growth for a new chapter.
  • Advisor Excellence in Teaching Award 2008
    This award was achieved by the chapter’s advisors for their excellent support and service to students.

Student Testimonials

“NSLS challenged me to strategize how to reach my goals and achieve my desired outcomes”

“The Society is a great way to set goals and achieve them with others' support and input”
More information can be found on the National website at:


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