Industry Initiatives

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The Enterprise Systems Center brings five components to project work with industry:

  1. “Special skills and expertise” – We provide companies the access to Senior Fellows, industry specialists, and faculty dedicated to specific project objectives. Often, our approach moves beyond the typical research model to provide companies with directly applicable work products and executable models and action plans.
  2. “Extra pair of 'dedicated' hands” – Our organization can structure an interdisciplinary team of students and part-time industry experts to help assemble needed data, capture material or information flows, or help complete the projects that are understaffed or under skilled.
  3. “Technology transfer” – Using our university education expertise we can provide technology transfer and skill based training to employees to empower them to implement new solutions or research findings.
  4. “Sound economical option” – Using a blended charge rate combining experienced mentor costs and payments to students provides an exceptional value to our clients.
  5. "Recruiting tool for new employees" - Our clients often hire our students full time upon graduation because of the skills they have learned hands-on over the duration of the project. 


The university environment attracts bright, creative people. We combine the talents of faculty, support staff, ESC senior fellows, and industry specialists to provide resource teams to companies in various technology areas. We are dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology and information systems and have a commitment to excellence in the application of operations research techniques, management science and analytics to enterprise problems. Our resource teams can evaluate the newest developments and facilitate the transfer of this knowledge to our project partners. Many of the small and medium-sized companies with which we work have neither the time nor the engineering staff to do this on their own. Larger companies often wish to leverage their technical resource teams. Coupled with the company’s experience in their own specific enterprise area, we can provide additional depth and breadth of knowledge which assists in making informed, intelligent decisions.

Because of our educational mission and our desire to provide students with an awareness of real-world industrial and service sector problems, the Center has often provided companies with technical support. This ‘extra pair of hands’- graduate and undergraduates doing projects on a specific enterprise problem- has often led to valuable, implementable solutions at reasonable cost to the company. In addition, students with skills in areas such as simulation or analytics can provide a company with supplementary personnel for specific research projects while gaining valuable ‘hands-on’ experience early in their careers.

As an educational institution, we are the logical choice to provide education and training to company personnel in the latest technologies. From one-on-one training done in the plant to enterprise-wide seminar programs, the Enterprise Systems Center is committed to the beneficial exchange of knowledge and information between the university and industrial communities. Working with businesses every day, we can easily identify those areas where further education is necessary and provide custom-tailored training programs. These contacts have a synergistic impact upon curriculum revision decisions so that Lehigh’s graduates are better prepared for what they will later encounter.

Supported by superb personal and software resources, the Enterprise Systems Center is able to respond to industrial and service sector needs with the skills, services, and educational opportunities that are most effective in helping them achieve lasting benefit.

Emory Zimmers, Jr.
Director, Enterprise Systems Center