Complete Lab Computer Replacement

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In 2017, Brenda and John McGlade ’76 gift of 18 state-of-the-art new computers for the ESC laboratory allowed the Center to better serve more undergraduate students from ISE and across the University. The Enterprise Systems Center Laboratory will be able to provide a variety of enhanced software resources to enable effective instruction in computing intensive courses.  The lab supports the Engineering Minor Course (EMC2), Computer Graphics (ISE 112), a senior level Leadership Development course (IE382), and Data Analytics (EMC198). Additionally, Leadership components of other courses at all academic levels from sophomore engineering (ISE 112) through a senior project capstone course (ISE 254), other project courses (Leadership Project: ISE 281, Independent Study in Industrial & Systems Engineering: ISE 321, and Engineering Project: ISE 460).

Computers are used as communication tools among members of project teams and with people and organizations outside the university.   Much of the lab activity is linked to industry projects.  Students gain experience working on real-world projects by interacting with industry leaders and professionals, as well as developing and practicing their leadership skills working on student project teams. The enhanced computing power has enabled the ESC Laboratory to accommodate the additional demand of new collaborative leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship courses as well as providing students with a technical platform for involvement in the new initiatives of the Department, College and University in general.