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Roger N. Nagel

Roger Nagel

The Wagner Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, and a Senior Fellow in the Enterprise Systems Center at Lehigh University. He is also the former CEO and Executive Director of the Iacocca Institute. Dr. Nagel is a popular consultant, keynote speaker and guest at executive gatherings and board meetings. He is routinely asked to describe the future of manufacturing, global competition, and the information age. Business Week, Forbes, and Fortune magazine have cited him for his visionary efforts as the father of the virtual corporation concept. Professor Nagel was also the leader of the team which developed the original ideas and concepts for agile manufacturing and global agility strategies. He is co-author of the widely influential business books, “Agile Competitors and Virtual Organizations: Strategies for Enriching the Customer” and “Cooperate to Compete: Building Agile Business Relationships.” Both books are widely acclaimed internationally and are available in more than five languages. Nagel is well known and respected for his work as the visionary leader of the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh. He led the Institute team which produced the book, “21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy,” with more than thirty thousand copies in circulation. He guided the Institute as it became a gathering place for executives across the world to formulate and share ideas. Nagel conceived and created the Iacocca Institute’s Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry Program and signed cooperative agreements with partnering institutes in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He led the Institute in developing and enhancing the Iacocca Scholars program, bringing executives to campus for seminars, workshops, and in creating the “Crossroad of Knowledge” Program. Nagel has always focused on making a real and positive impact on students through the use of a hands on experienced-based learning.